The Tree Of Liberty.

What's that saying, the tree of liberty needs watering with the blood of both tyrants and patriots. I'm sure that tree's still thirsty.

It started out as another dismal day politically, however it livened up a little on Capitol Hill later this evening. As usual getting accurate reporting from anywhere, these days, is always sparse and questionable. I can only speak for myself, but I've become so cynical, that I can't believe anything I hear or see politically. I'm sure even my political experiences are being scrutinized by every fiber of my being.

I don't know who these protesters in Washington, DC are, they could be democrat infiltrators for all I know but with all the protest this summer featuring the left wing democrats, it's not the least bit upsetting to see Americans attempting to put the fear of God into the swamp dwellers in the nation's capital. They're proved time and again that they do not respect the American people. This includes both parties. I've now become accustomed thinking of them as the uni-party. They may claim to be from two separate houses but they, the members of both parties only care about their own perceived power. I supported a peaceful protest however, sometimes a little reciprocal chaos is in order. Also, if these people are going to riot and raise hell then I hope that they make it count.

The politicians have used this alleged pandemic as a pretense to steal our rights and it has climaxed in our new realization that not even our right to elect whom we choose, is guaranteed anymore, as evidenced by the disgraceful third world election sham, that occurred on November, 3, 2020. What is apparent to everyone, is how quickly the Capitol police acts against some protesters as opposed to others. The protesters today are being shown the blunt force one would have loved to have seen this summer.

Exactly, police have stood down for left wing protesters but whether or not, these are Trump supporters, or infiltrators, one can't help but notice that the response in force, is markedly different. Republican politicians are cowards and they will pay a political price for what has gone down since November, until this day. They have essentially ceded the country to the democrats and so have we. We'll live to fight another day but our republican traitors may have to join the democrat party if they ever wish to continue in politics.

Where do patriots go from here? While the politicians must be made to pay for their blatant disrespect, corruption and cowardice, the patriots must unite our efforts and coordinate our forces as we find new ways to preserve our rights and liberties.