Of Stolen Elections & Capitol Hill Frame Jobs.

So, let's review, shall we? On the night of November, 3rd, 2020 moving into the morning of November 4th, while millions of American voters waited for the election results to be revealed and released, ballot counting in key so called, battleground states were halted. One can only assume what happened between the hours when the counting stopped and when the counting began again, several hours later into the afternoon of November 4th, and days beyond. When counting did begin again, it seemed as if the numbers for president Trump were frozen in place, while the numbers for Joe Biden kept inching up. The democrats in the media saw no problems with this and we all were encouraged to conduct business as usual.

As the ballot counting tally moved more and more in Joe Biden's favor, any talk of fraud or cheating, were roundly condemned and ridiculed. We're never to trust our lying eyes and ears and increasingly, our lying mad minds either. During the 2020 summer of love with riots in every major democrat run city, we were being told, while businesses, burned, that these were peaceful protests. The Orwellian parallels are astounding. So, to summarize, peaceful arsonist, looting stores, protest no stolen cheating elections and the American public can never believe their lying eyes, ears and minds. Got it.

Now fast forward to yesterday, January 6th, 2021. Many real peaceful protesters showed up in Washington DC to demonstrate against the stolen elections and also to show support for president Trump. A group of people stormed the Capitol building and were allegedly Trump supporters, where's the evidence that these people were indeed Trump supporters? I mean I don't care either way, to me it was fun to watch them storm the building, I was kinda hoping to see a bonfire too. Of course, the democrat media talking heads and their collaborators in the deep state, specifically the US Congress are quick to blame Trump and every person present in Washington DC as the people who attacked the Capitol and my favorite pass phrase, from the soon to be installed, moron in chief, Joe Biden, “..attacked our democracy.” Whatever that is. I never had any love for democracy because democracy is indeed mob rule at it's very essence. Democracy is two wolves and one sheep taking a vote to see what's for dinner. The American people once had a republic and probably still do but I'm not sure that the democrats and or their talking heads in the propaganda democrat media even knows the difference between the two.

So Today, January 7th, the media, the deep state, the uni party, and all swamp creatures, great and small, now have their narrative. Trump instigated revolution, chaos and mayhem, he must be thrown out of office and Nancy Pelosi has ordered Vice President Mike Pence, to invoke the 25th amendment, so that he and the president's cabinet, can throw the bum out. She also gave them an ultimatum, do as she commands, or her and the entire congress will impeach Trump. I have no doubt that they'll try. The question here, is to what end? I mean constitutionally, the president is leaving in a week or two, what's the motivation of the swamp creatures to ruin Trump? I think it may not be so obvious, so I'll try to explain. They must fear his support. They must fear the vast amount of people who follow this man and they must find a way to contain us before we get out of control and they lose what they fear the most. Their power. Although, I don't know why they feel fear. They now have total power and control of the swamp. They've cheated their way to the top and proved that crime does pay, evil will always win over good and following the rules and laws anywhere, are for suckers.

The democrats in the media, deep state and their supporters have tried to frame Trump and his supporters for the last four years and the news narrative today calling for the heads of Trump and Trump supporters is nothing new. Will they be waging war with us, all seventy million plus of us? Yes they will definitely try. Although, as long as we all remain vigilant, I think that they'll be fighting an uphill battle all the way and they may have underestimated the American people one time to much. Only time will really reveal what is to come.