Making Your Own Vitamin C

Sun 21 Mar 2021 06:50:39 AM EDT

One would be surprised what one can do with a coffee bean grinder. They are very useful items that no home should be without. One thing that I use those little grinders for, is making my own vitamin C powder. Has anyone bought citrus products lately? If you have, then I don't have to remind you of how expensive they are. Four little limes cost $2.00 and four lemons will cost even more. Not to mention the price of oranges and grapefruits. Well, I never scrimp on my citrus, however, I do have fun peeling them and saving the peels. I usually peel them, and hang the peels out to dry, then I store them in plastic bags and let them dry even more.

It isn't hard to accumulate many peels and eventually I'll turn my oven on and set the thermostat to about 150 degrees, then I'll add my citrus peels and leave them there for an hour or so. After the hour is done, I turn off the heat and leave them in there still longer. At my leisure, when the peels are now dry and hard, I break them apart, so as to fit them into my grinder and then I grind them up. Using a funnel, I pour the powder into an empty vitamin D bottle that I always have laying around. I love my vitamin D supplements too, for those days when there is no sun to exploit. I digress. Anyway, how one uses the vitamin D powder is something of a personal preference. It can added to beverages, eaten, just so or put in smoothies. I like eating it whole and enjoy how my teeth and gums react to the infusion.

Now I know, many people like to preface this method of self sufficiency, by imploring the use of only organically raised fruits. I disagree, as is my right, as my thinking is if there were indeed pesticides used on the peels, they failed to kill the pests and will surely do the same for me. Also, how persistent are those pesky pesticides anyway? I'll just take my chances, we all are going to die soonanyhow. I think the benefits out way any perceived harmful effects.

I hope you found this humble offering useful and until next time, adieu.