Making Your Own Homemade Calcium Supplements Using Egg Shells.

Gross right? No, not so fast. I'll relate my experiences in making my own calcium supplements. Now, I've written about how to make one's own vitamin C powder too, in a previous post and this post is in the same vein. Whenever I crack open my eggs, I put them back into the carton for safe keeping. Once all the eggs are gone, the eggshells should be boiled for at least five minutes. The boiling process is for killing any potential pathogens that undoubtedly inhabit the shells and carton. The next step, is to dry the shells in an oven at temperatures between 150 degrees and 200 degrees, until they are dry. They can be left in the oven until they cool. Once cooled the can be ground to a fine powder using a coffee grinder or similar device and placed in a suitable jar.

Now, eggshells, ground up or not aren't the most appetizing or pleasant substance to eat. It's a little disturbing, unless, one is determined. However, if one purchases empty capsule shells then they can be filled with your powered calcium supplements and then they can be swallowed, which will make the experience much less terrifying. Using a mini scale to measure dosage would work nicely too but could be optional, although, recommended for accuracy. The recommended daily allowance for calcium varies with age and gender. So those interested should look it up. However, I think that a dosage of 500-1200mg daily should suffice for most people.