It's Time To Sabotage The Uni Party.

The uni party is not something that college students love doing. No, it's my affectionate name for the politicians living off the hog in Washington, DC. They constantly sell out the birthright, liberties and freedoms of American citizens. They constantly work against us and, while we think that they work for us and are actually our public “servants”, I'm sure real thinking, practical people have finally come around and accepting that it may indeed, be the other way around. I mean becoming a politician, especially a democrat politician must be the most lucrative occupation in the world. What other profession affords one the ability to come across as an average middle class citizen, get elected to office, I recommend the US house of representatives, get paid $180,000 a year, get kickbacks and all sorts of unknown goodies, eventually becoming one of the richest people in the world? It's obvious that I wasn't thinking along these lines when I was younger. This is the life for all Americans. Elected officials, especially democrats, can literally get away with murder if they choose to. Republicans may hold office but democrats hold the power. The democrats are insanely adept at politics. I was going to state that they're extremely good at dirty politics and then I realized that I would be, being redundant.

Indeed, I've read in places, that early Americans and by early Americans, I mean the Americans who were pondering cutting ties with England and the monarchy, were concerned that having a congress was no better than being ruled by a king or queen. Many even thought it might be better to be ruled by one king as opposed to a hundred congressmen, or whatever number the happen to be. You get the point. As always, the founders of this great nation, were wiser than many give them credit for. For, here it is today, we see that the entire United States government is more mad, more corrupt and certainly more wasteful than all the English monarchs combined. They don't even care what the citizenry thinks. As long as they're holding power, then the rest of us can go sod ourselves. History seems to have ways to repeat itself, doesn't it?

I was happy to see Americans throwing caution to the wind today with the little dust up in Washington, DC today, by storming the palace on Capitol Hill. I don't care who did it and who it makes feel ashamed, it was nice to see, I thought. I'm probably the exception, though. I really doubt it but I hope that the crowd scared the snot out of at least a few members of the legislative body, they need to remember that they're really some crazy misguided people out here that, do not like the way they interact with us and wouldn't mind kicking the crap out of them for all their ills.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will probably be the latest royals to rule over us soon, and it seems as if the democrats will have us by the balls. When Joe said that we'll have a dark winter this year, he was understating matters a bit. When political parties can steal elections whenever it suits them, they'll make sure that our springs and summers are equally dark too.