If You Find No New Content Here, You Can Check My Gopher and Gemini Sites.

Hello. In the eventuality that anyone does read anything on this site, besides me, I may be working on my Gopher hole and or my Gemini capsule. Their respective addresses are: gopher://mstdn.design and gemini://mstdn.design. I will try to post whatever I post on those sites here as well. I'm immensely happy working with gopher and gemini. They're both very useful and powerful protocols and should not be looked down at.

I still browse the web and engage actively, however, when I do, I use my favorite web browser, namely, Lynx. Lynx is a text based web browser, which, if I had my way, would be the only browser I'd ever need. I wish it were possible to browse all web pages using it. Text based computing is so much more efficient, fast and satisfying. Anyhow, please consider visiting my other sites while you're at it and I'll endeavor to have more content on this site soon. Thank you.

gopher://mstdn.design gemini://mstdn.design and here too