Harry Potter Musings

I've found my self reading and re-reading the Harry Potter novels again and again. Lately, I've found them soothing. I even have the audio books. It seems as if, I will never tire of them. I have insomniac tendencies and I find reading the books will eventually just knock me out. Well, I suppose any good book will do that though but it doesn't take long for the potter books to cast their sleeping spells. There are a few things one does notice, however, when reading the same books multiple times weekly and monthly. One thing I do notice is that Harry Potter has a temper, he's modest, brave and a little whiny at times but for a mistreated orphan, very level headed. It must be in his genes. Why do I keep reading the Potter books so much and even looping the process? One can only speculate, I think. It seems as if, especially in the USA, where I'm convinced that t here were illegal election activities, that went on, last November, that, The Dark Lord and his Death Eaters, are alive and well living in New York and every other democrat town, from sea to shining sea.

Well, it's a working theory, at least. One thing, that I've noticed and I'm sure I'll soon find more examples, is how ignorant the wizards of the United Kingdom are about their muggle neighbors. We're supposed to believe that the wizard world are totally oblivious to what bus stops are? Remember? In the Chamber of secrets, when everyone was in Diagon Alley, getting ready to go back to Hogwarts, and Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Weasley had a fight, Mr. Weasley wanted to inquire, from the Grangers on how bus stops worked. Was J.K. high that day? Doesn't the magical folks have a night bus? How do those stops work? I mean the emphasis on how little the wizards know about their mortal counterparts is a silly, overplayed oddity. Wizards who can use a wand touching their throats to magnify their voices, have no concept of a telephone? haven't they ever noticed those little outhouse sized buildings called phone booths, located all over the city? Also wizards must have excellent teeth as well, because it seems as if they've never heard of dentists either. They're so isolated, that even muggle money is foreign to them I think that a better story would show witches and wizards who are consciously aware of their surroundings and not some semi-isolated ignoramuses. Also, the same wizards who claim not to know what a telephone is, have radios, how does that work? They can envision communicating via wireless but landlines and mobile cellular is beyond the scope of magic? I distinctly remember reading that they teach muggle studies at Hogwarts, surely they must teach about telephones, bus stops, money, the internal combustion engine and ball point pens, in those classes. I mean if the muggles and the weirdos are so different, one wonders if, indeed, the members of the wizard world, procreate like the rest of us, or perhaps they just bypass all that fuss and just do it with the wave of a wand. It's simply, a preposterous notion. I'm sure I'll find more holes in the tapestry.

Oh and don't get me started on the Potter movies. It's as if the producers, directors and writers are convinced that the audience are total morons and that we love soup sandwiches. The movies, I admit may have some appeal to fans of the series but I'm sure it must be fleeting, because it is clear that the Harry Potter movies are made for people who haven't read the books and probably will never do so. It says a lot about the limitations of Hollywood, they are totally inept at telling stories. J.K. Rowling's, on the other hand, she seems to know how to spin a tale. The audio books, read by Stephen Fry are so much more superior to their motion picture counterparts. I understand that there are two versions of the audio books and I'm not sure one has a choice. For it seems that the audio books sold in the US is read by an American reader. I'd like to hear that version just to confirm that whomever the publishers paid to read them, in comparison to Fry, will be utterly lacking. I'm sure that I haven't covered everything and I wouldn't be surprised if this topic is broached again. Therefore, until then, I wish you all Adieu.