Despite Having Four Working Routers, My Next Project Is Building A Router Using A Raspberry Pi 3B+, A Managed Smart Switch and OpenWRT.

Well I have. The hard part I think is over I have already installed OpenWRT on the Pi, configured it somewhat and updated opkg. I have all the pieces and now I'll have to decide how to assemble them. I had originally, thought of setting up the new router by adding an USB Ethernet dongle but from what I've read, setting up VLAN's on a switch would work more reliably. I'm new to the process so I don't know everything yet. However, that's the purpose of this exercise, to learn. I have learned much. I think learning is when one's own misconceptions and misunderstandings are replaced by facts, logic and reason. I've gained much of that, I think. I think that's all for now, until I have a working model that can be translated into words. Any comments may be made at or in the fediverse. Keep in touch and I'll keep us updated. It's been hard finding interesting things to write about but I think I'm starting to find the right path.