Americans Fiddle As The Republic Burns.

National Debt Why isn't the website hosting the US debt clock not the most popular site among US citizens? Perhaps, it's because, if that clock is to be believed, it's just a matter of time before we and our politicians bring us and the United States, all to our knees when we have to take the debt seriously and are forced to pay it back with real money.

If the complacency, demonstrated by the US electorate on the crappy, sham, third world style elections, is any indicator, or the two week shutdowns which lasted way more that the allotted time, from March 2020 until today, New Years Eve 2020, the US national debt will not be taken seriously either.

At this writing, the national debt is a staggering $27,553,528,900,900 and rising as every second ticks by. In English is twenty seven trillion, five hundred fifty three billion, five hundred twenty eight million, nine hundred thousand, nine hundred. dollars. I hope I wrote that correctly. It's a staggering sum of money. No one seems to care about the growing amount of money Americans seem to be accruing by the second. Politicians don't even bother to lie about doing anything about it and frankly, why should they bother? A vast number of citizens seem perfectly willing to keep the status quo. I'm not but for the life of me I can't come up with any credible solutions either. Just like most things in life, it's way above my pay grade and intelligence grade, apparently. Honestly, watching the recklessness of our elected officials and much of the electorate, that refuse to hold their feet to the fire, is akin to riding a mythical bus that's on a very long journey going nowhere, especially because the route leads to precipice and the brakes on the bus are prone to failure. We the people try to be hopeful but inevitably and instinctively, we all know the outcome will end in disaster.